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Moved by interest shown by Indians in football, Brazilians to watch India vs Bangladesh cricket series

16, Jun 2014 By indianpsycho

Rio de Janerio. Touched by the unsolicited interest shown by Indians in the FIFA world cup and football in general, a section of Brazilians and Argentineans have vowed to reciprocate the gesture by watching the ongoing India-Bangladesh cricket series.

Completely moved by the dedication shown by India in following every match of the world cup, despite their team not even qualifying for the qualifiers, Brazilians felt obliged to pay it back in some form.

‘’Earlier I would find it quite strange to see them being so passionate about the sport in which the best player they have produced is an actor cum model. I mean, to me it was like a single engineering student getting excited about the new girlfriend his schoolmate has won,” a Brazilian, after doing serious research on India and Indians, revealed while subscribing to DD National.

A Brazilian showing the same passion for cricket as shown by Indians for football.
A Brazilian showing the same passion for cricket as shown by Indians for football.

“But later, when I saw these guys fighting with their families to watch the matches, remaining awake till 5:30 in the morning and on top of that even subject their minds to torture by listening to Gaurav Kapoor and Nikhil Chinnappa, I was mighty impressed and thought this was the least I could do,” the knowledgeable Brazilian justified his decision of watching the Bangladesh series.

Brazilians like him were further touched by the fact that when their fellow countrymen were protesting against the FIFA world cup, Indians stood behind their team like rock.

Sources tell Faking News that after cricket, Brazilians may even watch other Indian sports i.e. verbal wrestling, by tuning in to Times Now 9pm (IST) Monday to Friday.

The decision has been welcomed by 27488608 and growing Football experts in India, who thought it was a new step towards strengthening the relations of India and Brazil.

“That day is not far when Americans will be glued to Gilli Danda while villagers in Haryana will be seen rooting for New York Yankees in baseball,” claimed one such expert.

He however lamented India’s inability to replicate its success of producing passionate football viewers in producing some passionate players.

“It is quite ironic and baffling to see a country being so bad in football whose last PM itself was one,” the expert rued.

BCCI too has welcomed this decision and was happy that finally number of people watching the series would be more than number of people playing in it.