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MS Dhoni copyrights ‘last minute finishes’ to save his wonderboy image from the likes of Rolandos and Kroos

26, Jun 2018 By sameer mahawar

The ongoing FIFA world cup has made Indian cricket Test team captain to brood over his monopoly of holding the title of “last minute finisher” after witnessing the rising popularity of Portugal’s Ronaldo and German boy Kroos when each of them scored goals in last minute against Spain and Sweden respectively.

Dhoni, well known for his style of creating the pressure on his own side during the mid-overs and then coming out of nowhere in death overs leading his side to victory, was watching Germany vs Sweden last night. He switched off the TV thinking that it’s a draw.

Then suddenly his whatsapp started flashing where he read Kohli’s message saying “Champions are back. Well done Kroos for scoring goal in the last minute. @MSDhoni, you’ve got competition. Throw garbage in the dustbin.”

This made Dhoni realise he’s not the only one in the world to bound a magic spell in the last minutes of the game.

It is learnt that Dhoni has requested ICC and BCCI to talk to FIFA and ask footballers around the world to not to intimate his style of playing. Also, a request has been forwarded that the game should end at 89th minute with no extra tine.

Meanwhile, he has taken copyrights on winning the ganes in last minute so that only he is remembered for saving his side by coming out of nowehere.