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MS Dhoni's secret diary: Dhoni writes on the struggles of Rising Pune Supergiants

04, May 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Dear Diary,

What is going on diary? What is happening here? When did I start struggling so badly in IPL? This has become as tough as a test series in England diary. Is it me, is it the other teams, is it Pune? I am sure it is Pune, I was warned by everyone not to come here. Everyone told me this city is cursed when it comes to sports. They gave me examples of their Football team, their Kabaddi team, their Pune Warriors India team but I didn’t listen, I should have.

Dhoni showing the way to the hospital to another one of his teammates

Everyone is injured diary, everyone. Someone’s wrist, someone’s leg. Someone’s head, someone’s heart, everyone has got something broken. I think even our team doctor has injured his leg this evening. I am the only one standing watching my players fall around me like Arya Stark saw all her family members fall. All this while, my former lieutenants Jadeja and Raina are putting together one win after another while their former general can’t buy a win in current form.

Have you seen our bowling diary? If any of our bowlers have to defend 36 in 6 balls, even then I am not confident diary. Remember Chetan Sharma diary, I have a team of Chetan Sharmas here, all waiting to get hit for a six at the death.

I miss Srini uncle diary. He would know how to turn things around and make the team win again. I miss his guidance during times like these. Just one more season after this and then I will return to Chennai and reunite with him. I will conquer all before me once again diary, you just wait and watch.

We have a match tomorrow with Delhi Daredevils diary. Even they are winning this season. NO I AM NOT LYING YOU IDIOT STUPID DIARY, They really are winning this year. They have lost only 2 matches diary, that’s how many we have won! When did things go so bad diary. Is it Modi sarkaar? Things starting going bad for CSK shortly after their arrival so could be true. This could be the intolerance thing everyone keeps talking about. Should I return something in protest against this intolerance? I can return Ishant Sharma to BCCI if it helps.

Chalo, time to go diary. Hopefully this will all be a bad dream and I will wake up tomorrow still captaining CSK and beating everyone in IPL. Good night diary.