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New football follower runs out of football jokes as World Cup enters knock-out stage

30, Jun 2014 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Ravi Gupta, a cricket-turned-football follower for the duration of FIFA World, is feeling nervous since last night when he discovered that he had run out of all football related jokes that he could crack to show that he was truly following and enjoying the game.

The 22-year-old was forced to follow football earlier this month as everyone in his social circle had started talking about the World Cup and he didn’t want to be left behind.

Soccer streaker
Ravi is praying that some streaker runs onto the ground in a match soon, so that he can get some interesting and understandable event to talk about.

Now that the tournament is in the knock-out stage and has become even more interesting, Ravi finds himself short of jokes that he can tweet or post on Facebook to show that he was in the game.

“Suarez biting that chilli or something guy was the best thing!” Ravi told Faking News, “I could crack so many jokes. And frankly, I loved it. But nothing similar has happened after that.”

Earlier, Ravi posted stuff like “Brazil’s defense is weaker than Alia Bhatt’s GK” and “Ab ki baar, Neymar” on Facebook and Twitter, but now he has run out of all formats of the joke.

“Well, frankly the game is boring,” Ravi bared his true feelings, “Most of the times the balls is nowhere near the goalpost or the goalkeeper, where the real action takes place. Contrast it with cricket, where the ball always passes close to the wickets and the wicketkeeper is in action during every ball.”

Apart from jokes, Ravi searched for “football babes” and other similar keywords to keep himself motivated, and he claims that he actually developed some “interest” in the game.

“I started liking Chile after watching their reporters celebrating but even they got knocked out the same day by those samba dancing Brazilians, killing my interest,” he rued.

With his interest levels going down even as the tournament enters the interesting phase, Ravi is feeling nervous and is desperately looking for new jokes, for FIFA World Cup continues for another couple of weeks.

“I had a bit of such problem in last Olympics, but Olympics got over so soon!” he said.

Right now Ravi is desperately waiting for India-England cricket series to start so that he can go back to joking about Ishant Sharma.