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North Korea wanted to be part of Cricket World Cup but no player was willing to participate fearing execution by Kim Jong after losing match: Report

18, Jun 2019 By @jurnoleast

A South Korean newspaper reported that neighboring North Korea wanted to be part of Cricket World Cup 2019 and had months ago tried putting up a national team in place.

However no player was willing to be part of the team fearing execution by their supreme leader in case they lost a match. The report mentions of how the nations sporting body under the leadership of the Kim Jong organized a camp that would select players to represent the country in the World Cup.

The call saw no takers and no one turned up at the camp fearing their supreme leaders wrath in case things didn’t go the right way.

Since its a global sporting event, Kim Jong Un wanted his team to be part of the event and win the World Cup by declaring him the winner. Sources say that a letter was sent to ICC by Kim Jong Un to declare North Korea as winner of World Cup even before the start of the event.

ICC however stuck to it’s ground and requested the North Korean national team to participate in the event just like all other countries. Though he threatened to execute the entire ICC management, he later relented and agreed to abide by the rules.

Insiders say that Kim Jong Un is a big fan of cricket and enjoys watching it when he can spare some time from executing people. “There was a time when he contemplated taking up cricket as a career,” revealed a source.

With no one turning up at the camp, it is not clear if Kim would still go ahead with his dream of winning the World Cup. However, the Sports Ministry of North Korea is now hunting for talent so that they can put together a team before the next World Cup.