He was not playing good FOOTBALL during warm up: BCCI finally gives reason for removing Dinesh Karthik from CRICKET team

20, Feb 2019 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai. Karthik’s refusal to take a single off the third ball of the final over during a T20 run-chase against New Zealand was widely criticized, and it is believed that he lost his position to Rishabh Pant in the ODI squad ahead of World Cup. But BCCI has clarified that the reason was something else. And the reason is weird. He was removed as he was not playing good football during the warm-up before any match.


MSK Prasad the selection chairman has made it clear that there was nothing wrong with Dinesh Karthik’s batting abilities. But his footballing skills were weak. And in this present age, footballing skills are must for an Indian cricketer as the game has become global and people in other countries also want to see the footballing abilities of a cricketer.

While it was uncertain why was Karthik dropped from India’s ODI team, the Indian cricket fans did not hesitate a bit to express their displeasure over this move as they exploded on Twitter soon after. BCCI’s reply would shut their mouths off as now at least we have a valid reason for his removal. Karthik has taken the decision in his stride and has promised that he will work very hard to improve his footballing skills and make a comeback into the Cricket team.