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Now critics criticize Sachin for announcing retirement late

11, Oct 2013 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. Just when we thought that Sachin’s retirement would render his critics jobless and they would now be forced to announce their own retirement, they have bounced back strongly after a lull of 2 days minutes.

The critics have now blasted the little master for being selfish and announcing his retirement much later than when he “should” have.

“We are firm believers of phrase that ‘A sportsperson should retire at peak of his game’ and that’s why we have been gunning for him to retire since 1998 when we all know he was at top of his game in Sharjah,” a critic explained their latest criticism.

When will they leave me?

“Not only has he retired 15 years too late, he also wasted our precious time and effort. Had he retired on time, we could have focused our energies on criticizing someone else. It was extremely difficult for us to come out everyday and criticize some aspect of him or other,” the critic added.

Critics further feel that Sachin’s unwillingness to call it a day overshadowed Dravid.

“We could not criticize ‘The Wall’ as often as we would have liked because of Sachin selfishly continuing to be our target for the last 15 years,” another critic rued.

Sources tell Faking News that the critics are mighty annoyed with the decision of Tendulkar, pushing them to imagine conspiracy theories.

“We hope this time he has retired for good and is not doing a Srinivasan by stepping aside for South Africa series and coming back for Bangladesh and Zimbabwe series,” said one critic who tried to write a piece on cricket, but realized that he had become programmed to write only about Tendulkar and had lost his ability to write anything else.

Some other depressed critics further suspect that Tendulkar could well be trolling them given the way he has been announcing his retirement in installments. “He could well be retiring only from test matches against West Indies played at Mumbai in the month of November,” wondered one.

However not all of these critics feel that Sachin delayed the announcement. Many insist that he rushed in.

“How can he retire so soon? He had at least 2 more years of cricket criticism left in him to take from us,” claimed a person who was desperately trying to find out the next career move of Sachin that he could criticize.