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Out of nowhere Akshay Kumar appears on Perth pitch with a bottle of Harpic to clean up the mess created by Indian team

18, Dec 2018 By @jurnoleast

The test match between India and Australia had its Bollywood moment after actor Akshay Kumar appeared just minutes after the Indian team’s spineless submission before the hosts.

akshay harpic

But Akshay’s appearance was not intended to inject patriotism in the proceedings and lift the morale of the team. The actor was instead seen with a bottle of Harpic toilet cleaner and a toilet brush trying his best to clean up the mess left over by the Indian team.

“Being the face of Harpic toilet cleaner, yeh mera farz banta hai ki jahan bhi mujhe gandagi dikhe waha jaake mai usse saaf karu. Kisine kaha ki Indian team team ke batsmen ne kaafi ‘raita’ failaya hai. Toh wahi saaf karne mai yaha aa gaya,” he said while speaking to our reporter.

Indian spectators too joined the actor in cleaning the mess and many were seen staying back after the match armed with garbage bags walking towards the pitch.

As per ground staff around 20 bottles of Harpic were emptied for the clean-up task and 100 volunteers were part of it making it the largest post match clean up in the history of cricket.

This however did not go down well with the Indian team; especially Virat Kohli, who was watching all this from the pavilion.

Sources say that skipper Virat Kohli was pissed off with Akshay for making the team look like a bunch of losers. “If he(Akshay Kumar) doesn’t like the way we play and has problems with the Indian team, then he can leave the country,” he screamed while speaking at the post match press conference and was left red-faced after a reporter pointed out that Akshay was anyway a Canadian citizen.

Virat Kohli even warned Anushka from signing any movies with Akshay in future.