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On the day of clash with India, Pakistani team skips training to watch Ragini MMS 2

21, Mar 2014 By idiot420

Mirpur. On the day of much talked about Indo-Pak clash in World T20, Pakistani cricket team decided to skip the crucial training session to watch matinee show of Ragini MMS 2.

Pakistani team’s irresponsible act has created a furor back in their country. Many are calling it even more shameful than their act of August 2013 when three of team players were caught watching vulgar dance show before Zimbabwe departure.

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However, a section of Pakistan’s alleged Government is blaming India for releasing such a raunchy movie on the day of India-Pakistan match.

“It’s an Indian conspiracy to distract our innocent cricketers. India understands the nature of Pakistani players very well, and they knew it that it would be extremely tough for our players to miss a movie starring Sunny Leone. So, they intentionally coincided the movie release date with the match date,” blamed ISI chief Looney Pasha.

Looney Pasha further claimed that India resorted to such cheap tricks because Pakistani cricketers were no longer into match-fixing.

“Because we won the match in Asia Cup,” Pasha gave the proof of non-involvement of Pakistani cricketers in match-fixing.

“It is quite possible that RAW is behind all this,” he further added.

While Pakistani establishment is asking for a probe, Pakistani cricketers appeared to be very happy with their decision.

“Insha’ Allah boys enjoyed the show. We danced, we yelled, we whistled; it was a real stress buster before such an important match,” Pakistani skipper Mohammed Hafeez told Faking News.

Reportedly, one of the many reasons of this outing was to unite the team players and make a friendly environment in the dressing room.

“There are only few things that unite them all, and Sunny Leone is one of them,” quipped Pakistani team manager.

Team management has denied the possibility of any negative impact on today’s match.

“Although the Sunny Leone part of the movie was good, which obviously helped our players to relax, the horror part was disappointing and avoidable. It was not one of those regular Sunny Leone movies our boys love to watch,” coach Moin Khan reviewed the movie.