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One person found excited about IPL 7

16, Apr 2014 By indianpsycho

Lakshwadeep. As the seventh season of controversy-ridden Indian Premier League kicks off today, BCCI has finally found a person who is extremely gung-ho and excited about watching the league.

In an environment where even sponsors are wary of getting associated, with many franchises struggling to get them on board, 33 year old Vindoo Meyippan found from a remote location in the outskirts of Lakshwadeep Islands, after a massive nationwide hunt launched by BCCI, has come as breath of fresh air and tremendous relief for the franchises, BCCI and the sponsors alike.

The girl in the promotional IPL ad managed to convince at least one person.

So impressed was BCCI by Vindoo’s loyalty to the league, despite him having all reasons to not be loyal, that they not only made him the mascot for the league but also inducted him in IPL governing council.

If reports are to be believed, N Srinivasan is also trying to pitch in his name for the post of BCCI president, citing the passion Vindoo caries for the game. Sources say a usually apathetic and cold Srini was moved to tears after his aides confirmed they have found their man.

“I can’t wait for IPL to start. That’s the only time I get to see some of my favorite players perform,” Vindoo Meiyappan who is a huge Rohit Sharma fan explained the reason behind his excitement.

Even betting syndicates who had moved on to kabaddi, gilli-danda, chuppan chhupayi, candy crush etc are now once again showing interest in the league thanks to this invaluable find by BCCI.

However this time instead of betting on matches, bets will be placed on things like number by which people present in stadium are going to exceed that of total players on ground, etc.

Vindoo has also managed to renew sponsor’s interest in the league with many now re-considering their decision to not invest in the league.

“When Airtel spent 300 crores to convince just one person of their logo change, why can’t we invest and show faith in a league which is going to be watched by only one person,” argued Pepsico’s chairman.

Meanwhile charged up with the trust and faith shown by Vindoo even after so many scandals and scams that IPL has been part of, Congress leaders are confident of getting at least one vote this election.