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Only "paid media" is talking about match-fixing, claims angry BCCI

14, Mar 2014 By idiot420

Mumbai. BCCI has slammed Indian media by calling them “paid” for recklessly and continuously talking about match-fixing controversy and dubious nature of one of the IPL venues, UAE.

“Entire media has been bought by Modi,” BCCI chief N Srinivasan said, referring to the former IPL chief Lalit Modi, “Modi is paying them to spread such rumors about match-fixing and involvement of son-in-laws.”

Srinivasan further claimed that it was due to such devious and dishonest ways of media that the board has put a gag order on cricketers.

Srinivasan IPL
“Media is sold, believe me”

“We don’t want our cricketers to become corrupt by gong near the paid media,” Srini averred.

While this sudden attack on media has come as a surprise to many, experts believe that this was waiting to happen ever since the board took the decision of BCCI to shift IPL to UAE, often pointed out as center of match-fixing by investigation agencies.

But the board insists that whatever they are doing is for the common man of India, who loves cricket.

“Here we are taking risks to entertain people, and there is this #paidmedia talking of non-issues like fixing. You know how dangerous it is for players to play in a place full of dons and bookies? There is a constant fear in minds of players of falling in trap and land into jail, it’s not an easy task,” Srini told Faking News.

“But no matter what the media says, we will continue to serve the common man, without caring for the result. This country needs IPL and there will be no compromise on that,” the big boss of BCCI declared.

Many others from the board too share what Srininvasan believes. While the critics claim that this blind following of Srinivasan proves lack of inner democracy in BCCI, the board members insist that the paid media was trying to malign BCCI.

“Why do they have to be pessimist and an agent of Modi? Why can’t they show the good work we have done?” wondered a BCCI official.

“If you can’t show good things, don’t cover IPL at all. Whole media is sold this time, it is a big conspiracy. This IPL, we are not going to give a single VIP pass to these media guys,” threatened Rajeev Shukla, the last IPL chief.

Meanwhile, irritated by BCCI’s accusations, all the media houses have jointly decided to boycott IPL related news.

Sources say that the tough stand by media houses has left BCCI bewildered as they never thought that this could happen to them.

“After all, it’s because of media, IPL has such a buzz around it. BCCI is currently looking for some backdoor deal,” revealed a source.