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Oongli cricketer announces retirement from all forms of the game

08, Apr 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Abhishek Unglikar, one of the best known Oongli cricketers of India, has decided to quit playing Oongli Cricket as well as all other formats of the game. The decision has shocked millions of his fans as Abhishek was just a few days away from completing one month of his illustrious career that saw him setting a new record for a monthly mobile bill. Abhishek has refused to reconsider his decision.

“I am done and over with it!” announced Abhishek, who didn’t look all that happy with his experience of playing Oongli cricket.

Oongli Cricket
Oongli Cricket is expected to become the second most popular format of Cricket after T20 Cricket

In a candid conversation with Faking News, Abhishek disclosed that he had taken to playing Oongli cricket as he thought it was another format of the game that allowed wannabe’s to live their dreams of becoming a cricketer.

“You know, just like T20 has allowed many to feel like cricketer.” Abhishek said.

“But it was crap, bullcrap I say!” Abhishek expressed his disappointment with the Oongli format of the game, which has left him with a repetitive strain injury in his fingers and wrists. Abhishek would be under intensive care of doctors for the next two months to get his injury treated.

“I advised him to stop plying Oongli cricket or it would have paralyzed his palms.” said Dr. Rajesh Balakrishnan, who would be treating Abhishek at Breach Candy Hospital. Incidentally, the cost of the treatment could be much higher than what Abhishek could earn through his cricketing career.

“Dude, don’t rub salts on my wound! I had thought that I too would sign endorsement deals with brands after becoming the best Oongli cricketer of India and earn millions. But I didn’t know it was such a crappy idea. What an idea sirjee, bullshit!” said a visibly upset and angry Abhishek.

“But I would continue watching cricket and play book cricket, that’s what I’m good at.” Abhishek revealed his future plans.