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Pakistan asks India to show mathematical proof that India is Number 1 in Tests

03, Oct 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Islamabad: Shortly after being dethroned as the Number 1 Test side in the world by India, Pakistan has asked India to submit a mathematical proof showing that India has accumulated more points than Pakistan. Pakistan’s long run at the top of Test rankings ended after 6 weeks and they aren’t ready to accept it yet.

Virat Kohli
What is India’s Test ranking?

Earlier in the day, India regained their Number 1 Test ranking by defeating New Zealand by 178 runs at Eden Gardens. The result gave them the series victory, and with that, the Number 1 test ranking.

“yes, we have heard it from Indian TV channels that India has become the number 1 ranked nation but where is the proof? India is claiming that they have more points than us and we are supposed to believe that? They must give a detailed mathematical proof showing how they arrived at those numbers and why they deserve to be number 1 instead of Pakistan”, a PCB spokesperson said.

This is not the first time in recent days that Pakistan has asked India for a proof. Earlier, Pakistan condemned India for their surgical strikes across LOC before saying that there were no strikes and asked India to prove that any such strike took place.

Meanwhile, former Pakistan cricketer and politician Imran Khan has hit out at the current team for losing the top spot to India. “This team is full of cowards. I must tell Virat Kohli that not all Pakistanis are cowards like this team who lost the top spot without even playing a Test match. If I return to the national team, I will bring back their Number 1 ranking single-handedly”, Imran said.

Meanwhile, Pakistan government has heavily criticized United Nations as well for not doing anything even when they had asked for help against Indian threat to their No. 1 ranking.