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Pakistan claims it did not defeat Zimbabwe by 200 runs to boost Zimbabwe's confidence for match against India

02, Mar 2015 By Gaurav Mittal

Karachi. Cricket commentators and analysts from Pakistan (except Shoaib Akhtar) have claimed that Pakistan made the match with Zimbabwe look difficult and balanced till last stage deliberately and strategically. It won by 20 runs though it could have easily won by 200 runs.

The strategy was to hit two targets with one bomb stone. One target was to defeat Zimbabwe in order to jump up from the bottom of the pool table. Second target was to win in such a way that Zimbabwe’s confidence increases for its upcoming match against India.

“Shit, we almost defeated them by huge margin.”

The idea was that Zimbabwe should feel that if it can come that close to defeating Pakistan then India is also not unbeatable. If Zimbabwe defeats India then it will be a big setback to India which is all set to play quarter final after 3 back to back wins.

The strategy was aligned to Pakistan’s strategy in its match against West Indies where Pakistan claimed that it lost to West Indies so that India doesn’t think it has beaten a ‘good’ team

Rameez Raza was quite happy after the win and confirmed the Pakistan’s strategy by saying, “This is true. We played Umar Akmal as a wicket keeper even though he is dropping catches as usual. Today also he dropped crucial catches and gave more runs behind the wicket than he scored. We did not play regular wicket keeper in a strategic move.  Also, don’t forget today was lala’s (Shahid Afridi) birthday and he got younger by a year. Do you think on such auspicious day he will get out on a duck ? He has a heart of a lion. So it was all strategic”

The same thoughts were echoed by other experts too, except Shoaib Akhtar, who has been speaking his heart out these days as he did recently on a Pakistan news channel. Emotional Shoaib said ,“If that was the idea then why did Pakistan defeat Zimbabwe by 20 runs and not by 2 runs ? This is all bullshit bakwaas. Are we trying to win world cup or have gone to Australia to see Kangaroos ? If we were so confident of defeating Zimbabwe then why did we not play Younis Khan today ? He would have scored zero again and that would have further helped in boosting Zimbabwe’s confidence.”

The emotional rant of Akhtar went on and he further added, “I think Pakistan should have thought more about boosting its confidence for its upcoming match against UAE where there are many non resident Indians. I am telling you one day Umar Akmal will drop the world cup and Misbah is only playing to keep his place safe for next world cup and making us listen to match summaries.”