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Pakistan protests against ICC after it doesn't include the runs scored in replay by Pak to the overall team score

21, Feb 2015 By manithan

Christchurch: After a disastrous loss against West Indies here today, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has lodged a protest against International Cricket Council. They had urged ICC to include the runs scored in replay to their overall score, so that they could win the next World Cup matches.

Speaking to Faking News, PCB chairman Sharya Khan said, “We have just lodged a protest against ICC for humiliating our cricket team and trying to destroy our national sport. Pakistan had been scoring less than half of the target in the last two matches. Even with star batsmen like Afridi, star bowler like Sohail and star wicketkeeper like Akmal, we cannot meet even half of the target against West Indies. ICC is hands-in-glove with BCCI and RAW in engineering the demise of Pakistan Cricket team. We have sternly warned ICC to act honestly and let Pakistan win in the future matches to prove its honesty. We have told them to add the runs in replays to the overall score, if Pakistan is not able to cross half of the target. That way, God Willing, nobody can defeat Pakistan!”

“Bhai PCB ne baat kar li hai”

When asked about the role of RAW in cricket, he turned serious, “You don’t know how Indian secret spies are destabilizing Pakistan for the past 68 years. They knew that nobody can defeat Pakistan in Cricket and are now doing their dirty tricks here. Pakistan lost with East India last week, West Indies this week. Momin Columbus discovered West India (West Indies) and Momin Ghazni discovered East India. But, now, both Indias are trying to hurt our Momins. Not only this, Pakistan has to face other Indian territories South Africa and IyerLand. This is indeed a RSS conspiracy.”

An anonymous member from PCB spoke with us, “If you know who heads ICC, you can clearly see the conspiracy. ICC Chairman Srinivasan is getting chased by Indian media and courts itself. Thanks to Indian media and courts for helping us. Not only that, RAW is sending ghosts to attack our Shaheens psychologically. These ghosts divert the balls hit by our enemy teams and that is why our fielders are not able to catch it. The Zionist Star sports is erasing the ghosts caught in camera.”

When we asked him whether the runs given by Pakistani bowlers will be added to the opponent’s team score, he said, “We have urged ICC to not include wickets if they show replay for our batsmen’s dismissals, but to include the same for opponents team batsmen. Similarly, we urge Star sports and other Zionists media to not show replay when our opponent’s team is batting. That will help us win big time. We also urge ICC to show our boundaries in four different views while showing replays, so that we get 30 runs out of a six. ”