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Pakistan security team concludes India is unsafe for Pakistan bowlers after seeing Kohli’s form

07, Mar 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Dharamshala: Pakistan security team sent to India to assess the security situation has submitted its report to Pakistan Government. The security team has concluded that India is unsafe for Pakistani bowlers after they saw the red hot form of Virat Kohli.

Virat Kohli
Biggest danger to Pakistan team

The team, comprising the director of the Federal Investigation Agency and a Pakistan Cricket Board member arrived at Dharamshala earlier today and saw highlights of Indian matches in Australia and Bangladesh. After watching Virat Kohli bat in those games, they immediately concluded that India is too unsafe right now for their bowlers.

“Well we saw how Virat won the game against Pakistan during the Asia Cup but we thought that was a one off incident but when we went through all the recent T20 matches played by India, we were shocked to see his form. How can we expose our young bowlers like Afridi to this man”, asked a member of the security team.

He further added, “Our job was to ascertain all possible threats to the Pakistan players and we have concluded that Virat Kohli is too big a threat to us. We are fine with Rohit Sharma, Raina or even Dhoni but India must drop Kohli before we agree to send our team.”

BCCI has refused to accept Pakistan’s demand so far. Speaking to Faking News, a BCCI spokesperson said, “Well we can’t accept their demand to drop Kohli. If there is anything else we can help them with, we will consider it. Maybe we will even keep Ramiz Raja here for next 6 months so that Pakistani viewers don’t have to listen to him on their channels.”

Meanwhile, when we asked Pakistani security team about the threat to Pakistan batsmen, they said, “Entire world is unsafe for them and every bowler in the world a threat. There is nothing we can do about that.”