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Pakistan to stop sending its team to World Cup, will just celebrate India’s loss as World Cup win

01, Apr 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Lahore: After repeatedly under-performing at the Cricket World Cups, Pakistan Cricket Board has decided that they will no longer send its team to the global event. Instead, Pakistan will be content to celebrate any Indian loss at the World Cup as their World Cup victory.

Pakistan fans celebrating after West Indies beat India
Pakistan fans celebrating after West Indies beat India

This decision as taken by PCB after watching Pakistan fans celebrate India’s loss to West Indies in the World T20 semifinal with more enthusiasm than the celebrations after any victory that Pakistan achieved in recent past.

Speaking to the press, a Pakistan Cricket Board spokesperson said, “Looking at our current squad, we think it is best that we avoid sending them to the World Cups as it only leads to embarrassment and humiliation for the cricketers as well as the board. They have as much chance of winning any World Cup right now as Kamran Akmal has of taking a catch so what is the point? All we are doing is wasting time and money in sending these players to the World Cup when we can celebrate victory without playing a match.”

Furthermore he added, “We saw our countrymen celebrating West Indian win over India last night and realized we don’t have to send a team to World Cup at all. We are already celebrating as if we have won the World Cup every time India loses in the tournament. From now on, we will officially celebrate India’s loss as our World Cup triumph.”

As per sources, PCB has already decided to take out an open bus parade through the streets of Lahore and Karachi to celebrate their ‘World Cup victory’ after India lost yesterday. There have also been rumours of Atif Aslam and Ali Zafar performing at these celebrations.

Meanwhile, Bangladesh Cricket Board is also considering the same proposal after watching their players and fans celebrate Indian loss as well but are yet to finalize their stand.

“We have a better team than Pakistan so will try to win a World Cup ourselves but if it doesn’t happen during the next couple of tournaments, we will follow their lead in celebrating Indian loss as our World Cup victory”, a Bangladesh Cricket Board spokesman said.