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Pakistani cricketers warn Rehman Malik not to screw up with their country

28, Mar 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

Mohali. After Pakistani Home Minister Rehman Malik warned his cricketers not to fix the semi-final match against India, the Pakistani team has warned the minister, and other politicians, not to screw up with their country. Pakistani cricketers have claimed that there was enough evidence that politicians and leaders were hell bent on destroying their dear country and the team couldn’t take it anymore.

“Enough is enough!” Pakistani captain Shahid Afridi said, responding to the Malik’s statement ahead of the crucial match on Wednesday, “Our team has been putting up with all kinds of shit like corruption, ethnic violence, lawlessness, and sheer shamelessness by the politicians all these years, but now we can’t remain silent.”

Rehman Malik endorses Dr. Fixit adhesive
Many Indian companies have suddenly expressed interest in Rehman Malik after his statement

Afridi claimed that even if one considered all matches lost by Pakistani team as “fixed” by cricketers, the proportion would still be better than the proportion of tax-payers’ money wasted by the government.

“We have been keeping a close watch on the government but they repeat the same mistakes again and again,” Afridi lamented, “However this world cup gave us the courage to speak up.”

Pakistani captain credited the world cup official anthem “De Ghumaake” as the inspiration behind his team deciding to speak up and “give it back” to Rehman Malik.

Meanwhile Rehman Malik’s statement has been largely welcomed by the Indian fans, who think Malik has changed the balance of the semi-final by putting equal, if not higher, pressure on the Pakistani team. Earlier, experts had been claiming Indian team to be under higher pressure due to playing in front of home crowd.

Appreciating this game changing statement from Mr. Malik, soft drinks marketing company Pepsi, running a “change the game” campaign in the current world cup, has decided to sign up the Pakistani Home Minister for product endorsement. He could be promoted as the “game changer” of the semi-final match if India wins it.