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Pandya starts preparing for Bank PO exam after his case reaches Supreme Court

18, Jan 2019 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Disgraced former cricketer Hardik Pandya, currently serving a longer ban than players who fixed matches for India, was seen buying guide books for bank PO exams in Bandra earlier today. As per Pandya’s family sources, he has decided to start studying for PO exam as the looks for alternate career.

hardik pandyaSpeaking to Faking News, a tattooed friend of Pandya said, “We were hoping for a quick resolution to the whole episode after the apology but BCCI doesn’t seem to be interested in that. They have taken the case to Supreme Court and you know once it reaches there, it means at least couple of decades will pass before we hear anything. Hardik can’t be sitting at home just waiting for this verdict from BCCI and Supreme Court and President of India and whoever else is involved so he has started studying for PO exams.”

When asked why did he zero in on Bank PO exams, Hardik’s friend said, “As Hardik told during the Koffee episode, he wasn’t very good in studies. So he asked some of his engineer friends that what do engineers with poor academic record do and he was told they start studying for this exam so Hardik also decided to pursue the same.”

Meanwhile, BCCI has suspended even Krunal Pandya indefinitely. Speaking to the media, Diana Edulji said, “If Rahul can be suspended for sharing a couch with Hardik Pandya then Krunal has shared his entire life with Hardik. It is only fair that we suspend him as well.”