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Being persecuted by all teams, Arsenal players to be given Indian citizenship under CAB

16, Dec 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

New Delhi. Arsenal continued its poor run of form and was defeated by Manchester City. Off late, the Arsenal players have been persecuted by all the other teams that they have played against. The players are really scared and there are chances they may not take the field in the next matches. Home Minister Amit Shah has stepped in and promised to give citizenship to all Arsenal players under the CAB.


The CAB protests took a violent turn on Sunday with parts of Assam, Delhi, and Bengal witnessing violent incidents. Amit Shah has reiterated that CAB does not have a religious angle and it doesn’t have a continental angle too. Most Arsenal players are European by birth, but Amit Shah doesn’t want to make any difference between the Asian countries and the European ones and says that persecuted citizens of all countries have equal rights to the citizenship of India.

Special provisions will be made to include Arsenal players under the bill and a special draft will be presented in the parliament. The opposition has hit out at the Centre for giving citizenship to foreign football players but not taking cognizance of all the protests made by people who are scared of NRC and CAB.

Till the new bill is passed Arsenal players will have to suffer at the hands of other teams and pray that the bill gets passed soon.