Monday, 24th February, 2020


Pilot who was supposed to fly Indian team to New Zealand falls sick, KL Rahul told to fly the plane

21, Jan 2020 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. KL Rahul impressed behind and in front of the stumps in the ODI series vs Australia. “It (Rahul’s keeping) definitely allows us to play an extra batsmen which strengthens our batting massively. That is a very important factor as far as the team balance is concerned,” Kohli said.

Kl Rahul flight

But KL Rahul did something on Monday which he is not supposed to do at all. He flew the plane carrying the Indian team to New Zealand for the long series there. The Indian team was supposed to fly out from Mumbai and boarded the plane at the scheduled time. The pilot who was supposed to fly the plane fell sick and had to take an emergency leave.

The flight being an Air India one, there was a shortage of pilots and after a lot of trying around, the airline was unable to allocate an alternate pilot. That is when the BCCI stepped in and asked Kohli to give that responsibility to KL Rahul. Rahul who has no experience at all of flying a plane accepted the orders and immediately took guard.

At first, it felt a bit strange to him but after watching a few YouTube video he was able to take off with the Indian team. He has also watched a few videos of how to land the plane and Faking News will bring you all news of Indian Team landing in New Zealand as soon as we get it.