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Pitch ko nikalo game se..bhaad me gaya pitch..Pitcher ko laao: Ravi Shastri's video goes viral on social media 

23, Oct 2019 By @jurnoleast

Social media was abuzz with Ravi Shastri’s statement during the post match presentation after India’s 3-0 win. Apparently, Shastri seems to have said that ‘his motto was get pitch out of the equation and get pitcher into the equation’.


A video of the presentation doing the rounds of social media shows the team India coach making the aforementioned statement. Earlier in the day too, Shastri was clicked taking a nap in the stands. However Shastri denied having made any such comment and said that the video was doctored.

“I hope you guys are aware of deep-fake technology. I mean it is so easy to morph videos and make them appear as if I was the one speaking even though it wasn’t me. I never said anything about getting a beer pitcher. I do enjoy occasional drinks, but labeling me a dipsomaniac is totally unfair. That too when an series is going on. And for that image which show’s me sleeping in the stands. It is misleading, I was meditating for a while and not sleeping,” he clarified while speaking to our reporter.

When asked if these were deliberate attempts by rival camps to tarnish his image, he denied having knowledge of existence of any such camp.

Social media however was not convinced with Shastri’s explanation. Anonymous accounts of those are close to team India players say that Rohit Sharma felt tipsy after he accidentally drank water from Ravi Shastri’s water bottle.

Sources say that Kohli met Shastri yesterday to discuss a few things about the ongoing South Africa tour. And while chatting, urged team India coach to go slow on drinks. Speaking to Faking News exclusively, Kohli said, “Ravi Shastri enjoys his drinks. Unfortunately his image on social media is such that everyone feels he is drunk 24×7. That’s the reason why, I have urged him to tone down and not give the twitter mafia any more fodder.”