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Players protest as test match spills over to the 5th day

07, Dec 2015 By MRP

New Delhi: Players playing the fourth cricket test match between India and South Africa were a harried lot today. As the match did not show signs of getting over on the fourth day, the players were visibly agitated towards the end of the second session.

Amla's mega block on the cricket pitch
Amla’s mega block on the cricket pitch

Though they still kept hope even after the tea break, they were bitterly disappointed as the day drew to a close.

Having been utterly sure that the match would end on the third day, several players had made plans for the next two days.

Some had planned sightseeing trips while some others wanted to go back home on the night of the third day itself. With each player affected in some way or the other, the collective disappointment naturally led to a protest.

The protest was against none other than the captain Kohli himself. One of the players, who did not want to be named, expressed his frustration.

“Things have gone terribly wrong this time. Why did we have to end up in such a pathetic situation? Where was the need to extend the match to the fourth day? Kohli should have simply declared the innings at some 100 or so and bowled the SA team out,” he said.

When asked if it wouldn’t have been too risky, he explained, “Look, it is always a game of chance. We should have taken a chance. At least for the sake of the team. SA would have got out for less than hundred and we still would have won with a huge margin.”

“But what is the guarantee that SA would get bowled out so easily?”

“Come on…even if they won the match, what difference would it make to us? We have any way won the series. One match here and there would not matter. Given what was as stake.”

“What was really at stake?”

“Well, speaking about myself, I had booked a cab for a day trip to the Taj. I have not seen the Taj yet you know.”

When other players were asked about their plans, some said they wanted to go home. One of them said, “Look, I had already booked my flight. Now I have to cancel it.”

Another said he wanted to take rest for the remaining two days, something he has got used to now. Another player, with a philanthropic bend of mind had agreed to play in a benefit match for a local cricket club, on Sunday. All in all, everyone was upset and decided to take the protest to BCCI and ICC.

When Kohli was approached on the matter, he had his own grouse. He said, “This is ridiculous. They are all blaming me. They are selfish. They are not bothered about me at all. They don’t care about my problems.”

“What is your problem sir?”

“I had asked Anushka to be here by the evening and she has already landed here. We are supposed to start on a holiday tomorrow morning. Now tell me how I can face her?”