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Ponting to be appointed as “Hawk-Eye” for ICC World Cup

28, Dec 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Dubai, UAE. ICC has decided to appoint Australian captain Ricky Ponting as special and exclusive “Hawk-Eye” – currently a computerized system used to track the movement of a ball and extrapolate its likely path – for all the matches of the 2011 Cricket World Cup.

The decision was taken after Ponting showed tremendous talent in declaring English batsman Kevin Pietersen out during the Melbourne test match of the Ashes series even though the ground and video umpires thought otherwise.

“We have to give it to him,” ICC CEO Haroon Lorgat said, “Ponting’s vision is clearly better than the complex computer systems we have been using. I hope he can come up with his own version of that screwed-up Duckworth-Lewis method as well.”

Ricky Ponting arguing with umpire Aleem Dar
Ponting declaring Pietersen out

Sources in ICC (not Sharad Pawar, even though Faking News loves him) inform that the committee is confident of Ponting taking up the job as there is high probability of him being rendered jobless after the Ashes.

“We have had talks with Cricket Australia. Their contract with Ponting is not an issue. In fact they see it as the perfect alibi for getting rid of him,” said our source.

An online poll carried by Faking News revealed that most Australians favored Ponting as “Hawk-Eye” than captain of their national cricket team.

“Go for it Ponting!” tweeted former Australian spinner Shane Warne.

“That’s our only way we can get one-up over the English guys,” said Mark, an Austrlian cricket lover. The Hawk-Eye technology is currently owned by an English company Hawk-Eye Innovations Ltd.

It’s not yet clear if Ricky Ponting would be made to stand on ground or act as the third umpire during the matches by virtue of being the Hawk-Eye. Since Ponting has no “official” status or experience of umpiring in international matches earlier, the ICC might have to accommodate Ponting as some special “machinery”.

“Umpires would need to come up with new signal to refer a disputed decision to Ponting i.e. the Hawk-Eye as opposed to referring to the third umpire by making a television in the air,” said an ICC source.

ICC is reported to be finalizing a “Pontingface” as the official “signal” by a ground umpire, which would mean that a decision has been referred to the Hawk-Eye.

(based on inputs by special correspondent Vinod Patil)