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Prayers and fasts by cheergirls helped Ishant, Dinda and Chawla get sold in IPL auctions

12, Feb 2014 By indianpsycho

Bangalore. Hundreds of cheergirls employed in IPL claim that it was due to their relentless prayers and inumerous fasts they kept that players like Ishant Sharma, Piyush Chawla and Ashok Dinda were able to get auctioned.

IPL cheergirls
God has answered their prayers.

“Do you really think they could have got sold, leave alone fetch such prices, on their own merit? Given the way these guys have performed over last couple of years it would have been a miracle if anybody would have picked them even for free,” a cheergirl told our reporter.

Ever since the dates of IPL auctions were announced, cheerleaders were tad nervous and worried if they will be needed in this season of IPL.

“Who would the batsmen hit for those sixes and fours if these guys are not in opposition. And less number of boundaries means lesser requirement and opportunity for cheergirls like us to dance and exhibit our talent,” another cheerleader explained why they thought they would get jobless if these players were not there.

Cheergirls then decided to take matter into their own hands and stomach by praying and fasting at Sidhivinayak temple for their future.

In reality it wasn’t that easy for cheergirls who were hooked on to television sets watching the proceeding of the auction with bated breath and empty stomach.

“We panicked when Praveen Kumar remained unsold. But then we looked at the base price he had set for himself at 2 crs and began rofling uncontrollably. After regaining composure we hoped and prayed to god that no other player suffers from such delusions of grandeur,” disclosed a cheergirl.

Though overall happy with the auctions so far, cheergirls are little disappointed with Dinda being picked by RCB.

“There goes the opportunity to see him being ripped apart by Gayle and Kohli,” regretted a cheergirl who was practicing Gangnam style day and night with the dream of doing it on the sixes hit by Gayle off Dinda.

Cheergirls are also sad that Ashish Nehra, another important player for their survival and livelihood, was not even there in the list of ‘spin bowlers’ leave alone ‘fast bowlers’. They are now hoping to find him in the category of ‘useless players’ once the auction resumes.