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Pujara reveals in post first day interview that he had missed Shastri's motivational speech today as he woke up late

06, Dec 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Adelaide: India’s saviour Cheteshwar Pujara reckoned that his innings on Day 1 of the Adelaide Test against Australia was one of the best knocks he has played in his career. “It is one of my best innings in Test cricket, can put it even in the top 5. My teammates were certainly saying so!,” said India’s No. 3 at the press conference at the end of the day’s play. AP183402791706251

Pujara also revealed that he had woken up late today by mistake and had missed the motivational speech that Ravi Shastri gives to the team every morning. Pujara also clarified that this has nothing to do with the century he made and Shastri is an excellenct coach. Shastri has made the team environment light.

Shastri asks the players to repeat the phrase ” We are the best team in the last 20 years ” every now and then and he also says that the team should party hard and should not worry about the result or the worry of waking up early the next morning. Pujara has promised that he will wake up early from next morning as he doesn’t want to miss out on Shastri’s amazing speeches. Pujara also said that he will keep 4-5 alarms and also ask his teammates to wake him up to listen to the best motivator in Indian sports.