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Queen Elizabeth to abdicate throne for Sir Ravindra Jadeja

23, Jun 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

London, UK. After being knighted without the Queen’s intervention, Indian all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja is set to become the King of England (and the United Kingdom) if India wins the Champions Trophy.

“Finally England will have a new emperor, but it won’t be Prince Charles, who will continue to wait for his turn like LK Advani in India,” a royal spokesperson confirmed the development.

“Sir Jadeja will become King Jadeja if India defeats England in the finals of the Championship Trophy. Her Highness has herself signed on a declaration promising the same,” the spokesman announced to a shocked audience.

Ravindra Jadeja
From Chennai Super Kings to being the English King?

Sources confirm that Buckingham Palace is already being decorated to welcome Jadeja as India are favorites to beat England in Sunday’s match.

“Fresh packets of Dhokla and Phaaphda have been ordered from Mr. Patel’s shop in Downing Street, while a guest room is being readied to host MS Dhoni, who is most likely to accompany Sir Jadeja during the coronation,” a source told Faking News.

It’s not yet known what inspired the Queen to make such an announcement. Some experts feel that this could be a trick to inspire and encourage English players to give their best during the finals and save the crown, while others feel that the Queen is giving the throne the rightful heir.

“After it was revealed that the Royal Family had Gujarati origins, it was fair that a Gujarati was given the throne; and who better than Sir Jadeja?” argued an expert.

But the going could not be so easy for Jadeja as rules stipulate that the emperor of the England must swear religious allegiance to the Church of England.

“Sir Jadeja doesn’t follow any religion and he is rumored to be having a religion of his own with millions of followers worldwide. He is not eligible to rule us,” protested a local citizen, who further feared that Big Ben could be renamed as Moti Ben if Jadeja became the emperor.

However, fans and followers of Ravindra Jadeja, including those in England, reject such claims.

“This is not any problem for Sir Jadeja. People opposed even his presence in Indian team; today all of them have been silenced. These people too will be silenced and our lord will now rule the world,” claimed a Sir Jadeja fan.

“It is his destiny, no one can stop him,” claimed another fan, “If Narendra Modi is NaMo, Ravindra Jadeja is clearly RaJa. He is just officially being confirmed.”