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Radamel Falcao reignites his goal-scoring form with help from Virar fast in Mumbai

05, Apr 2015 By ajinkya7

Mumbai. It has been seven months since the deadline day swoop by Manchester United for Columbian hitman Radamel Falcao. A loan deal worth £6 million for Man United and an astronomical salary of £280,000 per week for Falcao has all been going down the drain at the moment. The striker tipped to reverberate the Premier League has managed only 4 goals and more intriguingly has failed to cement his place in the starting line-up being highly susceptible to injuries.

Things have been gloomy until now, however a bright and rapturous future is still in store. In the recent international friendlies, Falcao managed to score 3 goals in Colombia’s victories over Bahrain and Kuwait. Well something has definitely changed.

According to our sources, Falcao and United’s fitness staff had drafted a training programme to overturn his fortunes and resurrect his form. The intensive workout plan involved a rigorous 15 days training in the Virar fast local based in Mumbai suburbs. The training majorly aimed at developing Falcao’s physique and strength.

pumped up to catch a local
pumped up to catch a local

The training started with Falcao moving through the queue and taking up the Borivali-Andheri 2ndclass pass. After the initial hustle, the training was segmented into morning and evening sessions based on local office prime times. In the morning session, Falcao had to move from platform 2 at Borivali station and muscle his way into Virar fast within a minute and get down at Andheri Station. The more tedious and challenging session was held in the evenings with Falcao boarding Virar fast from Andheri Station starting from platform 3.

Our Sources could just catch up on Falcao after his rigorous sessions and he was pretty pleased with the intensity. Falcao said, “It was a pleasurable experience moving through the crowded trains and platforms as I believe I am in much better shape and have built up a better physique. The muscle and strength gained during my sessions would be beneficial for me to adapt to the intensive Premier League especially against stiff oppositions like Crystal Palace and Stoke City.”

“I would like to thank entire fitness staff and Ed Woodward for investing so much time and money into my body. Also, I gained invaluable tips from Aditya Kashyap and Geet from Jab We Met about boarding and laying off from moving trains. Thankfully I did not miss a single train and I feel fortunate to share this record with Geet,” Falcao added.

Asked about any future sessions of the same intensity would take place, Ed Woodward mentioned, “Well, the CVMs have been abolished from 1st April, so we have to look at the options in store and discuss further with the Western Railway. A lot of members like Jones, Evans, van Persie and Smalling are also struggling with injuries, so a future session might be on the agenda. We are also looking at innovative training programmes at Navratri with Phalguni Pathak with a lot of Cardio muscular activities involved.”

Summing up the activities, the session has been definitely fruitful for Radamel Falcao. Fortunes have changed over the international friendlies and Falcao seems to be in exquisite shape. With a tight finish to season approaching, this might be a significant boost to United chances to cement their place in the top 4. As difficult fixtures against Chelsea and Manchester City are approaching, Falcao might just be United go-to man.