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Ravi Shastri blasts Wankhede pitch curator for making a thin crease line

01, Apr 2016 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai: A day after India’s shocking defeat against West Indies, team management is already looking for a fall guy, with a livid team director Ravi Shastri blaming the pitch curator at Wankhede for the defeat.

Sources within BCCI say that Mr.Shastri was furious with the two no balls that gave Simmons a life line, and eventually cost India the match.

Ravi Shastri pointing all his fingers at the curator for India's defeat
Ravi Shastri pointing all his fingers at the curator for India’s defeat

Speaking to Faking News a source said, “Ravi Shastri went straight to the curator after India’s loss and gave the curator a piece of his mind. Shastri squarely blamed the curator for making a thin crease line which led to bowler Ashwin overstepping. ‘These kids are young and they are bound to make mistakes. But at least you should have been a little more careful. Why did you make a crease this thin’, he seems to have said. Even the management feels that Mr. Shastri has a point here.”

“When everyone keeps blaming us for making doctored pitches, a thick crease should have been just what the doctor ordered,” said the source.

At a media briefing Ravi Shatri himself explained his stand.

“Our bowlers were bowling just fine, but the crease was too slim,” Shastri said, “Why else do you think the ground umpires could never spot the no-balls and it was referred to the TV umpire on both the occasions? Because the crease was drawn so slim that it was not visible clearly from a height of 5 feet, the height at which umpire’s eyes were placed.”

“Thank god we didn’t have Dinda playing in the match, else from his height when he’s in air, the crease would not have been visible at all,” Shastri added.

It’s not clear as of now what punitive action will be taken against the curator, but it seems Mr. Shastri is seeking maximum punishment.

Meanwhile, there are others who say that to avoid such incidents from happening in future, BCCI should hand over pitch curation to Virat Kohli.