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Ravi Shastri says what’s Infosys COO’s salary, it’s peanut if you compare with international peers

08, Apr 2017 By dasu

Mumbai: Ravi Shastri after slamming BCCI for offering peanuts to Indian cricketers has come to the rescue of Infosys board, who have been accused by Narayana Murthy on poor corporate governance standard.

Ravi Shastri indicating how high the salary needs to be
Ravi Shastri indicating how high the salary needs to be

As per recent media reports, Infosys co-founder Narayana Murthy has accused the company board for giving COO Pravin Rao a hike of about 70 percent when highest rated employees in the company are getting only 8 percent hike along with eleven hundred rupees Sodexo meal vouchers.

While commenting on Mr. Murthy’s letter, Ravi Shastri told us, “What Pravin is going to get, if he ticks all the boxes, it’s going to be 8.5 crores in total including his variable pay. If I compare this with his international peers who are working for large corporates headquartered in US and Europe, forget about coming down to the wire, they all win the salary battle with such handsome margin. In fact, I would recommend Infosys board to meet immediately and give a steep hike not only to Pravin Rao, but also to their CEO, Vishal Sikka as he is working for same 70 crores salary package for last three months.”

Ravi went on to add, “World has moved beyond Murthy’s time. Now days 350 runs in ODIs are not defendable. I would consider a COO’s salary should be 25 crores minimum which is something ‘par’ for the day. It’s just a mental block, quickly our corporates get over it, the better for the country. Otherwise as you know every talented person has a CV somewhere in their laptops. Does not take much time for it to be uploaded.”

When we asked Ravi Shastri how much should be IT industry fresher’s salary, he said, “I only comment on A-grade cricketers and A-grade employees in the industry. You have to go somewhere else to find this answer, my friend.”

In the meantime, we came to know Mr. Vishal Sikka who was updating his CV, asked his personal secretary to decrease the font size as his current and expected salary, both were going to the next row as it contained so many zeros.”