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Ravi Shastri supports CAB, says we all should take cab after drinking and should never drink and drive

11, Dec 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. CAB has been the talking point for most Indians for the last 2-3 days and Ravi Shastri is no different. Ravi has fully supported CAB and said that we all should use Cab after drinking. This will prevent lot of accidents and make the task of police a bit easy.

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The Lok Sabha passed the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, which seeks to provide Indian citizenship to non-Muslim refugees coming from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan after facing religious persecution there, a little past midnight on Monday. Ravi Shastri has always recommended safe drinking. Even when in the pavilion, he drinks and sits down, never goes to the nets where he can be hit by the ball and never drives after drinking. Ravi Shastri always uses the cabs, online ones or the local ones to reach his destination.

The online Cab aggregators get good business from Mr. Shastri as he is a regular drinker and a regular cab user. Ravi Shastri is a great example for the youth who indulges in drinking and ‘gaadi to tera bhai chalaega’ scenarios. Ravi may not be a good coach or a good manager, but he is indeed a great example to follow.

Amit Shah has personally thanked Ravi Shastri for supporting CAB and has asked his son to extend the contract of the Indian coach.