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Ravi Shastri on Jadeja's exclusion in 4 Tests : Wanted to keep him as a surprise element for the next England tour

10, Sep 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

London:Jadeja took four wickets in the England first innings, and then lived up to his keenness to be counted again as a Test all-rounder. Jadeja’s unbeaten 86, only behind his career-high 90 against England at home in 2016, pushed his case. 3rd day’s play raised quite a lot of questions on India’s selection policies. Jadeja never got a look in even on a turning track at Southampton. But coach Ravi Shastri has an explanation for the same as he believes that Jadeja’s exclusion from the 4 Tests at the beginning will help Idia in their next tour of England after 4 years.


According to Ravi Shastri, a team which wants to be the best has to have a long-term vision and winning the current series would have been a short-term goal. Shastri believes that the time Jadeja spent on this tour will help him become a better player come 4 years hence when India will tour England again. Shastri and Bangar’s position as coach was seriously questioned by the media after the team’s continuous failures to win overseas. Even in a recently held press conference, Shastri had said that this Indian team is the best in the past 20-25 years.

Shastri also spoke to our Faking News reporter and he had this to say,” Short-term failures are a stepping stone for long-term success. My visions are to make India the best Test playing side, Just give me 10 years more and see the difference. I have been working on the footwork of our batsmen by taking them to discotheques and making them dance, more they dance more will their feet move in the swinging conditions of England.”