RCB open to alliance with SRH to stop CSK: Virat Kohli

24, Mar 2019 By Sandeep Kadian
Bengaluru: With the election season in full swing in India, political alliances are being formed left, right and center. However, we may see another type of alliance very soon in the cricketing world. Royal Challengers Bangalore skipper Virat Kohli has hinted at an alliance with Sunrisers Hyderabad in a bid to counter the veterans of Chennai Super Kings. Virat dropped this hint after the opening game of this year’s IPL where they were soundly beaten by CSK.
Speaking to the press after the match, the RCB captain said ,”I think we need to recognize our limits and must understand that if each one fights alone, CSK will end up with another victory in this IPL. After that, they may never hold the IPL again and declare CSK as the default champion. To save democracy and the constitution, we must set our egos aside, and come together to counter their team. Sunrisers Hyderabad comes from our neighboring state so there will be greater synergy if we tie up and then take on these old men from Chennai.”
“We can provide the batsmen, SRH can provide the bowlers, and together, we can take down every other team, not just CSK. We can even give special status to Hyderabad and host more matches there than in Bengaluru, I have heard people there are very fond of special status so that will be taken care of. The captain of the team can be decided by them as well, we may have the bigger fan base but you have seen in Karnataka how the bigger party has no problem being led by the leader of a smaller party. After all, saving democracy is the main aim”, the Indian captain added.
Meanwhile, Delhi Capitals management also sent offers of alliance to every other IPL team lekin sab ne lagbhag mana kar diya hai.