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Reduce our matches to 19/19 : Rohit Sharma after losing first 3 IPL matches in the last over

15, Apr 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: 11th season of the IPL is now in full swing but one of the most successful teams in the competition history, Mumbai Indians, is yet to register a win in the tournament. In all 3 matches so far, Mumbai came close before losing the match in the last over. Now Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma has requested IPL governing body to reduce their games to 19/19 instead of the usual 20/20.

Mumbai kicked off the IPL with a last over loss to CSK with one-legged Kedar Jadhav hitting the winning runs. That was dismissed as an anomaly but then Sunrisers Hyderabad also went on to defeat them in the last over. Worse was still to follow as a team like Delhi daredevils kept its cool to defeat Mumbai in the last over once again. The last defeat convinced Rohit Sharma that they aren’t going to win if the matches stay 20 overs each.


Speaking to media, Rohit said,” It is clear by now that we are not going to win an IPL match if it goes to the last over. Even if we dominate 39 overs, we can’t get a win because the last over is a cursed one for us. I mean, if we aren’t even beating Delhi who generally beat themselves, then who are we going to beat?”

“We have tried different bowlers, different field settings, everything but nothing works. Therefore, in interest of fair play, we request BCCI to reduce our games to 19 overs each. The time saved can be used to show more advertisements to the viewers, the primary purpose of this competition”, the Mumbai captain added.

After receiving his request, BCCI responded immediately and asked Rohit to appeal for the same in the Supreme Court as they run cricket these days.

As per sources, after hearing that he will have to appeal in BCCI, Rohit immediately asked his team to prepare for the next 20-20 game.