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After Rio, Anil Vij to head to Florida for India-West Indies T20s, says will help promote Cricket in Haryana

16, Aug 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Rio de Janeiro: Haryana sports minister, Anil Vij, who is currently in Rio de Janeiro to support Indian athletes has announced that he will be heading to Florida after the Olympics to watch India play West Indies in 2 T20 matches. India play West Indies in 2 T20s on 27th and 28th of this month. Mr. Vij’s entourage will also accompany him to Florida to enjoy Miami beach to see the matches.

Anil Vij
Next stop, Florida!

As per Mr. Anil Vij, he is going to Florida to study cricket and how he can develop Cricket in Haryana, a state that hasn’t won the Ranji Trophy since 1991. Earlier, Mr. Vij landed in Rio where apart from boosting the morale of the players from Haryana, he is also supposedly studying the organization to prepare for any future Olympics in Haryana.

“Cricket is the most popular sport in our country and Haryana seems to be lagging behind other states in this sport. By visiting Florida and studying closely the two sides playing there, I will be able to learn why we aren’t doing well in Ranji Trophy. In addition, I will also be boosting the morale of the Indian cricketers there. In fact, we have already announced reward of 10 lakhs for every 50, 25 lakhs for every 100, 1 lakh for every catch and 2 lakhs for every wicket”, Mr. Vij said at Copacabana beach where he was learning about water sports.

When we told him that people are calling it a junket, Mr. Vij said,”People keep talking, what can we do? They even called this trip to Rio as a waste of money but they don’t know how hard I am working here. I announced prize money for every medal winner from our state, something that I couldn’t do from Haryana. Then, I went about studying the organization of the Games. If Haryana was asked to organize 2024 Olympics then what will we do if we don’t know anything about the organization?”

Meanwhile, Indian athletes were seen wearing tracksuits from other nations inside the Olympic village as they tried to pretend they didn’t know Vijay Goel or Anil Vij.