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Official disappointed that athlete has progressed to Final round, says one less day of sightseeing in Rio

08, Aug 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Rio de Janeiro: An Indian official accompanying the Indian squad at the Rio Olympic Games was left bitterly disappointed today when the athlete in his discipline progressed through to the final round. The official (name hidden) was hoping to do some sightseeing and shopping around Rio but now fears he will be stuck inside a stadium for one more day.

Rio Olympics
Rio Olympics- A great chance for officials to enjoy a vacation

The Olympic Games kicked off in Rio on Friday and India has sent its largest ever contingent to the games. Though there have been a few setbacks during the first 3 days, some athletes have managed to progress through to the finals round and one of those athletes is the source of this heartbreak for the official.

Explaining his frustration, the official said,”I was so excited about coming to Rio man. I pulled all the strings, called in every favor I was owed to get myself here and for what, sitting in the stadium and get bored? The journey to Rio was great thanks to the Business class travel we enjoyed. I can never afford it personally of course but since government was bearing the expenditure, no expense spared when it came to officials.”

“I was made in-charge of 2 disciplines, I thought they will lose in an hour or so and then I can proceed with my Rio adventure. Unfortunately, the idiot qualified for finals. What a mess. I have to go to Copacabana beach, Ipanema beach, Sugarloaf Mountain, have to take a selfie at Christ the Redeemer statue, so much to do. Someone even told me that there is some nude beach nearby as well. Then of course you know, I have to buy gifts for everyone in my family back home. What is the point of going on a vacation if you aren’t going to bring back gifts?” the official asked.

When we asked him how is this vacation since he is on an official trip, he replied,”Oh yes this is no longer a vacation. The vacation has been ruined by that athlete who chose this as a stage to do well. Could have done it at some Delhi meet, even I would have happily stayed inside the stadium till the very end.”