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Rishabh Pant collects more bottles and ‘chakhna’ as he wears gloves so he is very important on the bench: Shastri

28, Jun 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Manchester. Vijay Shankar’s poor outing in Old Trafford, Manchester has raised questions on his place in the Indian team’s playing XI yet again. Shankar’s flop show sparked off a wide range of reactions on Twitter and people started showing their support for Rishabh Pant. Harsha Bhogle was the only one who said it would be unfair to remove Vijay Shankar.

Ravi Shastri

But the verdict is out from the man whose decisions matter. Ravi Shastri wants Rishabh to be on the bench. The reason is that he carries many bottles and chakhna as he wears gloves and no one performs better in the dressing room than Pant.

Ravi Shastri spoke to Faking News and had this to say, ” Vijay Shankar’s off-field abilities are even poor than his on-field abilities. So no point keeping him on the bench. On bench, we need energetic people like Pant and Jadeja as they can serve beverages and chakhna with an amazing speed which is what is required in the dressing room.”

Ravi also said that may be in the later stages of the world cup, we will see if Vijay Shankar has improved his bartending abilities and we will try to put him on bench then, till then Pant will be on the bench.