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Rishabh Pant taking bartending lessons in free time, says it's just a hobby and nothing to do with impressing Ravi Shastri 

17, Sep 2019 By @jurnoleast

Team Coach Ravi Shahstri, who threatened a ‘rap on the knuckles’ for non-performance has got a few players in Team India worried.


Insiders say that the warning was indirectly aimed at Rishabh Pant after his shot selection got the coach irked. The wicketkeeper-batsman is now doing everything the can off-the-field to get in the good books of the coach.

Rishabh is apparently taking bartending lessons and getting to know all the different mix of spirits to somehow impress Ravi Shastri.

“Everyone knows the coach enjoys an occasional drink. In fact he shared a pic of Jamaican punch on social media recently. Maybe that could be the reason of Rishabh’s new found interest in bartending,” revealed a source.

“His shot selection has not gone down well with the seniors, so he is honing his skills in vodka shot selection. Not sure if that would impress the coach,” he added.

At a press conference when Shastri was questioned about Rishabh attending bartending session to make an impression, the team India coach guffawed and said, “It would serve him better to do something about his on-field skills. Besides I am a simple man when it comes to drinks. No fancy cocktail for me please,” Shastri said.

While clarifying on the news, Rishabh said that he took up bartending as a hobby and has nothing to do with his form or the coach.

“I have a life outside cricket too. Though I an a teetotaler, I like how bartenders make cocktails. And let me put this on record that it is just a hobby. Good that I gave up baby-sitting, else who knows what the media would have cooked up,” he said with a hint of frustration.