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Rohit Sharma turns 'part-time batsman' to cement his place in next world cup in Australia

13, Mar 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. Inspired by Cheteshwar Pujara who has now been forced to work on his ‘part-time bowling’ to get into the playing eleven in ODI’s and T20’s (despite stellar batting performance in tests and List A matches), talented and graceful cricketer RohitSharma has decided to work on his ‘part-time batting’, over and above his contribution as a talent, in order to totally confirm his place in the side before next year’s world cup in Australia/New Zealand.

Trying his hand at batting for a change.
Trying his hand at batting for a change.

Having already cemented his place in all formats of the game for eternity, Rohit felt he can’t take it for granted and hence should offer something extra to the team.

“Though I know my talent alone is sufficient enough to get me a place in the playing eleven,” Rohit explained holding the mike with remarkable poise and elegance, “but I don’t want to get complacent. Hence I have started polishing my batting skills in the nets so that I can contribute as a part time batsman also, as and when Dhoni bhai wants me to.”

Rohit has been graciously putting in extra hours of practice needed to become a useful batsmen in crisis situation and has not charged a single extra penny from BCCI for the same.

The ODI opener is now eagerly looking forward to IPL T20 World cup and other meaningless overseas tours to experiment and try out his batting.

“We all know how we perform in these tours so why not utilize them to prepare for next ODI world cup where we are defending champs,” Rohit argued.

Cricket Pundits however feel that this is a well thought out decision rather than one taken in haste. According to them, he is aware of the jibes that ignorant and ill-educated people take on him on Twitter which is forcing him to reconsider his survival strategy in the team.

“There is a strong anti-incumbency wave against him on social media which could well trigger his ouster from the team and Rohit has realized the only way he can fight fools doubting him being talented is by proving he actually is,” Rohit’s coach told Fakign News.