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Sachin fan forgets to greet his wife, who shares birthday with Tendulkar

24, Apr 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Shailesh Joshi, a 28-year-old diehard fan of Sachin Tendulkar, who updated his Facebook status message to “Happy Birthday God! Bless us with many more centuries!” as soon as the clock struck 12 last night, has still not greeted birthday wishes to his wife, who turned 26 at the same time.

Shailesh has been busy tweeting, sharing, and liking status messages and pictures of Tendulkar since morning even as Rupal Joshi, his wife, is trying her best to control her anger and frustration. Rupal has decided to wait till 6 PM today to give Shailesh a second chance, failing which Shailesh could be in for some deep trouble.

Sachin Tendulkar celebrating his birthday
Shailesh uploaded this picture on Facebook this morning and tagged his wife, driving her crazier.

“I am giving him some benefit of doubt for being a Sachintard, but if he doesn’t wish me a happy birthday by the evening, he will be denied entry into our bedroom, and he’ll have to wait longer than Sachin had to wait for his 100th century,” an angry Rupal threatened.

Rupal is still hopeful because last year, on her 25th birthday and Sachin’s 38th birthday, Shailesh had taken her out for dinner, that too to a restaurant that was not showing IPL matches on big screen.

However, Shailesh was busy reading articles on internet about likes and dislikes of Sachin till 1 PM, the time of filing this report, and showed no signs of remembering his wife’s birthday this year.

“Since Sachin has completed 100 centuries, I think he should be gifted a bouquet of 10,000 roses,” Shailesh proposed.

Sources of the aggrieved wife say that Shailesh had given 24 roses to Rupal last year, even though she had turned 25.

“He had bought them by per dozen rates yaar, and he bought two dozens, not just one! Don’t make it a big issue,” Tarun, another fan of Sachin and a close aide of Shailesh, told Faking News. Tarun and Shailesh often gang up on Facebook and Twitter to defeat Sachin critics.

“It’s so cute! Sachin is celebrating his birthday privately with his wife!” Shailesh said as he read another news report on Tendulkar.