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Sachin fans burn his effigies after he praises Kohli for his performance

29, Oct 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai: There is no stopping Virat Kohli at the present moment. The Indian skipper, with each passing day, is breaking one record after the another. During the third ODI between India and West Indies at Pune, the 29-year-old rewrote history by becoming the first Indian batsman to score three ODI centuries on a trot. Sachin fans are not too happy with the achievement as they think that Kohli will overtake Sachin in the near future and all his records will be broken soon. Sachin did praise Kohli after his third century on the trot and this has not gone down well with the Sachin fans.


Sachin fans want Sachin to support their moment of preserving his records, according to them if Sachin also praises Virat then who will support the pro-Sachin moment. And to show their anger, the fans burnt Sachin effigies outside his Bandra residence. Virat who became the first Indian cricketer to score three centuries on the trot will soon overtake Sachin if he goes on scoring the same way. But the Sachin fans want to stop this. They have even written to the ICC to somehow ban the ODI format as Sachin’s record will become extinct after that.

The Indian government has also requested the ICC to intervene in this matter as the situation has gone out of control in Mumbai.