Sachin fans demand a statue of David Miller for taking a better catch than Kohli

19, Sep 2019 By Guest Patrakar

Mohali. Virat Kohli’s stunning catch in the first innings of the second T20 international between India and South Africa in Mohali had the cricketing fraternity stand up and take notice but just a couple of hours later David Miller’s sensational effort stunned the Indian captain himself. India won the match by 7 wickets but Sachin fans had a extra reason to celebrate.


They were happy that David Miller took a better catch than that taken by Kohli. Sachin fans were on the streets late night in Chandigarh and are demanding a statue for David Miller. Miller, who already has a fan base in Punjab as he is a Kings X1 Punjab player saw his fan base grow exorbitantly after he took the catch. Sachin fans never want Kohli to be the top man in any record. be it batting, bowling, or fielding.

In fact, many were seen saying on social media that Kohli’s catch was easy as he knows the Indian grounds very well and was aware of how many angles he should cover to take the catch. Sachin fans are willing to meet the sports minister also to request him to approve the building of David Miller’s statue. Sachin was not available for comment but Sehwag has spoken in his behalf that the Miller catch was better.