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Sachin scores century in "book cricket", loses to son Arjun

17, Apr 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. This was the only popular format of cricket where batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar had not scored a century yet, but it took just 39 pages for the master blaster to add this feather to his cap. Sachin was playing “book cricket”, a popular form of cricket played in the South Asian countries, with his son Arjun, where he scored 127 runs after flipping 51 pages.

Sachin’s maiden century in book cricket subsequently came to an end when landed on page number 100 with a casual flick of the pages of book that rested on his left leg. However, despite the brilliant century, Sachin lost the match to his 11-year-old son Arjun Tendulkar, who amassed the required runs by flipping just 42 pages of the book.

Arjun, Sachin, and Sara Tendulkar - after India won the 2011 ICC World Cup
Sachin’s fans hope that his son Arjun would grow up to become another great batsman

“I was getting bored when Sara and Arjun came to my room and they said they wanted to play book cricket. Sara became the official scorer and referee, while I decided to bat first against Arjun,” Sachin recalled the events that took place on Saturday morning, a day after he scored his first century in Twenty20 cricket during the IPL match against Kochi.

But while Tendulkar expressed happiness and satisfaction on losing to his son, critics have slammed the 37-year-old batsman for scoring yet another selfish century where his “side” lost.

“Every time Sachin scores a century, his team loses,” proclaimed Armaan Atreya, a Sachin critic famous for criticizing Sachin. When pointed out that only around 25% of the international centuries by Sachin have been on the losing side and therefore the term “every time” could be a bit far-fetched, Armaan rejected the stats as “unconvincing”.

“It has happened twice in two days now. Stats prove it,” he added, referring to the IPL and book cricket centuries by Sachin.

Expectedly, Sachin’s fans have reacted angrily to such criticism.

“What crap? When he plays for a team, these critics say he plays for himself. Now when he was clearly playing for himself, they are blaming him again. Have they every played book cricket?” retorted Manish, a Sachin fan, who is also a friend of Armaan, the Sachin critic.

Manish confirmed that he had removed Armaan from his Facebook friends’ list last night after he updated his status message criticizing Tendulkar.