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Sachin Tendulkar fan discovers West Indies in Eden Gardens

06, Nov 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

Kolkata. Hundreds of Sachin Tendulkar fans realized that the West Indies was touring India after they entered the Eden Gardens stadium here to witness the second last test match appearance of Sachin.

“First I thought that they could be Caribbean fans of Sachin, who had come to watch his 199th test match, but I wondered why they were allowed to roam on the field and even near the pitch,” said Abhijeet Mukherjee, a Sachin fan who had taken his seat at Eden Gardens at 7 AM, in order to not miss a second of Sachin in action.

Sachin Tendulkar
Sources tell Faking News that BCCI is thinking of selling tickets to net practice and warm up exercises too, where fans can watch their icon in action for the last time.

Abhijeet took up the matter with the stadium authorities protesting this “racism” and demanded that he too be allowed to go on pilgrimage to the ground where Sachin must have walked.

This is when he was informed that those walking on the ground were not Sachin fans but West Indies players, who had come to play the test match.

“That is when I realized that Sachin was playing his 199th test match against West Indies,” the fan recalled how he discovered the existence of West Indies.

Faking News talked to many other cricket fans who had similar stories to tell. They had come to watch Sachin bat but ended up seeing West Indies batting.

“I too didn’t know West Indies was here,” said Saurabh Singh, “When this guy started batting, he looked a bit like Chris Gayle, but I was not sure as he was wearing white clothes. Doesn’t Gayle wear red ones?”

Later after reading Gayle’s name on the stadium scoreboard, Saurabh, like many others, realized that the West Indies too was part of Sachin’s farewell series.

“Even I didn’t know West Indies was playing. How am I supposed to know? Even this stadium ticket has photo of Tendulkar only,” said Avneet Andulkar, a Sachin fan who has taken a one month leave to watch the 199th and 200th test matches of Sachin.

Avneet claims that he has even asked his wife, who is expected to deliver their first baby around 15th November, to “hold it a bit” so that he can “peacefully” witness the matches.