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Sakshi Malik reaches home, neighbour greets her with list of 10 good guys for marriage

24, Aug 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Rohtak: Olympics Bronze medalist Sakshi Malik made a triumphant return to her home in Rohtak district today and all her relatives and neighbours gathered to greet her on her success. Apart from congratulating her, Sakshi’s neighbour also handed her a list of 10 guys she thinks are appropriate for becoming Sakshi’s husband.

Sakshi malik
Bas ab iske haath peele ho jaayein to padosi teerth yatra pe chale jaayein

Biggest concern in the life of a typical Indian is the marriage of neighbour’s daughter and Sakshi’s neighbour, Rajwanti, wants to get it done as soon as possible. Now that Sakshi has become world famous, Rajwanti thinks it is the right time for her to get married.

“All this wrestling and all is good for a girl but now she has reached the age of marriage so she should start concentrating on that. As a good neighbour, it is our duty to recommend boys to her. The moment I heard that she has won an Olympic medal, I started asking for suitable boys of marriageable age in my circles. After shortlisting, I have reduced the list to 10. All of them are ideal husband material, government jobs, family land, perfect”, Rajwanti said.

“As it is, not easy to marry off a girl who is into wrestling and all. Now if the age also passes 23-24, then we will start struggling to find the right groom for her. With all the fame and money coming her way, everyone will be interested in marrying her right now so this is the perfect time. Hope she makes a decision soon and finalises a guy from the list I gave her”, Rajwanti added.

When we asked Rajwanti whether the girl should not get to choose whom she wants to marry, she replied,”Choice hi to hai ji, marry the one you choose out of the list. These are modern times, we also understand. In our times, we were told who is marrying us but we can’t do that in these modern times.”

When we asked Sakshi what she thinks of the list of 10 boys that her neighbour gave her, she said,”Oh that was a list of boys for marriage? I just saw 10 in the beginning and threw it away thinking it is a printout of some Buzzfeed or Scoopwhoop article.”