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Salman fans demand a wrestling match between Salman and Yogeshwar Dutt to decide who becomes Olympic ambassador

25, Apr 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Yogeshwar Dutt’s criticism of Salman Khan’s appointment as the goodwill ambassador to Rio Olympics hasn’t gone down well with Salman Khan fans. Hurt by his comments, Salman fans have challenged Yogeshwar Dutt on Salman’s behalf for a wrestling match with Sultan (the character played by Salman in his upcoming film)

Salman Khan
Sultan vs Yogi, coming soon to an akhaada near you

Earlier, Indian Olympics Association (IOA) appointed Salman Khan as the goodwill ambassador the ambassador of India’s Olympic contingent to Rio. Irked by the decision to appoint someone from Bollywood, Yogeshwar Dutt took to twitter to criticize the decision and was immediately bombarded by Salman fans who didn’t take this kindly.

“Who does he think he is, just won one medal in Olympics and thinks he is better than Salman bhai. Salman bhai has shown better wrestling techniques in Sultan trailer than what Yogeshwar Dutt has shown in all his wrestling career. If Mr. Dutt still feels he is better than Sultan then let’s have a wrestling match to decide once and for all who is the better wrestler”, thundered a Twitter user by the name of @SultanBestWrestler.

Another Salman fan, Bhaijaan Bajrangi said, “Yogi bhai has got it all wrong. IOA hasn’t appointed a sports ambassador, they have appointed a goodwill ambassador and there is nobody with greater goodwill than Salman bhai. Half the film industry runs by acting in bhai films. Look at Jai Ho, he gave everyone a job. Look at Bigg Boss, the entire show runs due to him that ensures livelihood of 2 dozen strugglers every year. Now with all that good will, how can he not be our goodwill ambassador?”

“If Yogi bhai thinks goodwill ambassador should be good in sports as well then he can have a wrestling match with bhai and find out his wrestling ability as well. I am sure Salman bhai will beat him in few seconds”, Bajrangi added.

Meanwhile, some Salman fans have also challenged Milkha Singh to race with Salman Khan after Milkha Singh also criticized Salman Khan’s appointment.