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For saving five wickets Air India hires Dhoni & Jadhav as brand ambassadors, hopes they’ll save the airline too

02, Jul 2019 By dasu

New Delhi: Impressed with ‘saving’ skills of Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Kedar Jadhav, ailing airline Air India has recruited both as it’s ambassadors. This happened after the duo saved five wickets for India in the match vs England.


While speaking to us, Air India director Mr. Ravi Kapoor said, “In this hour of financial crisis we need people like MSD and Jadhav who would take all the pain on himself and do not allow others to share the pain. With bowlers like Archer and co bowling slow cutters at 120 km/hour, who knows what would have happened if our bowlers were exposed. It might have cut our bowlers fingers”.

“With the injury scares in the team, I feel what they did is right. Remember they were the last recognized pair of batsmen when they could not do anything, how can they expect lesser batsmen following them can do it”.

“That’s why we are not relinquishing our posts, being the best and veteran in this business if we cannot turnaround the company, how can someone else do it. That’s why we protest privatization, management change”, Mr. Kapoor added.

“Like Govt is backing us round the clock, MSD and Jadhav gets complete backing from coach and captain. Otherwise to do something like this maintaining coolness is not possible”, said the official.

In the meantime, BCCI has asked ICC, they should allow ‘wickets reserved bank’. “Like Gold reserves, we can keep all the wickets we do not lose in the match in this bank. In future in hostile conditions when we lose quick wickets, we can use them. Like for ten wickets saved, Kohli will get a life and he can bat again, match will become interesting”, said a BCCI official.

Will ICC agree, “aaj tak aissa kuch hua hai, BCCI says, and ICC does not agree. If we tell now, world cup final can be postponed by a week. That much power we have”, added the official.