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SBI threatens to auction Virat Kohli to recover dues from Vijay Mallya

24, May 2016 By Ajayendar Reddy

Mumbai: In their latest attempt to recover money from Vijay Mallya, SBI has threatened to put RCB’s Virat Kohli up for auction if Mallya doesn’t pay them the amount he owes.

Mallya Kohli
Mallya with his biggest asset

Virat Kohli plays for Royal Challengers Bangalore where Vijay Mallya is the chief mentor (No, we have no clue what that position means). Virat has been in stellar form during this IPL and SBI is hoping that other IPL teams will bid huge amounts to get their hands on Indian test batsmen.

“Vijay Mallya is still involved in the affairs of RCB as chief mentor and his son is still on the board so we are sure that Vijay Mallya wants to see RCB winning this IPL. However, we can confiscate any asset of Dr. Mallya to recover our loans and right now, Kohli is his biggest asset. We will put him up for auction and use the money to settle Vijay Mallya’s debt. The leftover money will be returned to Mr. Mallya who can use that to buy Kings XI franchise if he wants, we don’t care”, said a senior official working with SBI.

Despite Kohli’s vehement protests against this auction, the banks were in no mood to listen. “Who listens to IPL players yaar, IPL players are assets who are auctioned periodically. Big deal if we brought forward Kohli’s auction by a few months”, the SBI official said.

Even the Courts were in no mood to provide relief to Kohli after recently being made aware of the difficulties banks were facing in recovering the loaned money.

Ex Kingfisher employees who have been waiting for their salaries to be paid have volunteered to oversee a smooth auction. They promised to form a human wall to prevent police or any family or friends from rescuing Kohli.

As per sources, even Pakistan is interested in bidding for Virat Kohli to give themselves a chance of beating India during 2019 World Cup.