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Schoolboy watches 300 YouTube clips of India-Pakistan matches in one day

27, Mar 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

Bangalore. A local schoolboy, Mohan Reddy, 14, has claimed to have watched at least 300 unique YouTube video clips in a single day, with all the clips being related to various cricket matches played between India and Pakistan ever since the two teams started playing each other. Mohan accomplished this feat yesterday and now wants his name to be registered into the Guinness Book of World Records.

“It all started when someone on my Facebook wall shared the clip of fight between Aamer Sohail and Venkatesh Prasad during the 1996 world cup quarter-final that took place here,” Mohan recalled as he paused a YouTube clip titled “Afridi vs Gautam Gambhir .. Full Maa Bhen” on his Dell laptop to take some time out to talk to Faking News, “I clicked on it and then got drawn into watching more and more related clips.”

Venkatesh Prasad vs Aamer Sohail, 1996 ICC World Cup quarter-final, Bangalore
The clip that started it all

“I was not even born when that match was played,” Mohan giggled, as he switched to another tab on his browser to check if the “Sachin 6 4 4 to Akhtar vs Pakistan” clip had finished buffering.

Mohan says that he had no such intentions of making a world record when he first clicked the Sohail-Prasad video clip link, but once he started watching the clips and went on watching them for an hour, Mohan decided to take his mission a bit more seriously and resolved to devote a full one day just to watching YouTube clips of India-Pakistan matches.

“I enabled history in my Firefox browser, which I normally don’t keep as my daddy also uses the same laptop, and decided to take note of all the clips that I’d go on to watch in the next few hours,” Mohan showed us the “proof” of him having watched some 300 clips in the past 24 hours.

Mohan denied that he ever felt like wasting time. In fact, he claimed that he would try to better his own record in the coming days and that he would keep trying till the semi-final match between India and Pakistan began at Mohali.

Apart from watching these 300-odd clips, Mohan also claims to have made at least 5000 comments on some of these video.

“There was this user named PakPassion, who was claiming Afridi to be better than Sehwag; I think I fucked his happiness yesterday,” Mohan proudly informed as he showed us some of the comments that he had made.

Bandar saala” was one of the comments he had made on a clip titled “Javed Miandad vs Kiran More”, after which Faking News decided to skip checking his comments and wrapped up the interview.