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Having seen Shivam Dube and Vijay Shankar, Oxford to change meaning of All-rounder to person who gives runs in all parts of the ground

16, Dec 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. India has been on the lookout for a no 4 batsman and an all-rounder. Vijay Shankar was the preferred all-rounder just sometime back when MSK Prasad termed him as a player with 3D abilities.


But Vijay became famous for being a 5D players as he gave runs in 5 parts of the ground. Yesterday Shivam Dube did the same and gave runs in all corners and parts of the ground. Oxford Dictionary has taken cognizance of the bowling performances ad has replaced the meaning of all-rounder to the person who can give runs in all parts of the ground.

Shivam Dube was first seen as a batsman who can bowl a bit, then the commentators said that he is a bowler who can bat a bit. But the fans realize that he is just a ‘bit’ who doesn’t do proper batting or bowling. Vijay Shankar is the same.

Stuart Binny gets the honorary mention in this category.  Shivam and Vijay’s families are happy as their children have contributed to the Oxford Dictionary. Hardik Pandya, who is injured can be considered unlucky as Oxford would have taken his example had he been fit.